GradReady Helps Students Build Financial Skills

Most students want to learn more about personal finances but simply don’t have the time.

St. Thomas is committed to helping students make sound financial decisions and borrow responsibly.  To assist students, the Office of Financial Aid has partnered with GradReady, a financial education resource, to provide students with a firm foundation to build their financial knowledge and skills.

GradReady is packed full of information for students on the following topics:

  • Paying for College - learn how to fund their education and develop a financing plan
  • Money Management - track their debt and keep their identity safe while building credit
  • Real-World Finance - develop skills to manage their student loan repayment and make big decisions, such as buying a car or going to graduate school

This online toolkit is an easy reference so students can squeeze some financial literacy education into their busy schedules. Check out GradReady for yourself, create a free account and join us as we help students take control of their finances.