SCP Arts

Pollinator Pathways

Photo by Doreen Schroeder.

July 10 - September 30, 2019 at the Mississippi Watershed Management Organization's Stormwater Learning Center

September 4 - December 20, 2019 at the University of St. Thomas Department of Art History Gallery. 

About the Exhibit

The University of St. Thomas Pollinator Path and Sustainable Communities Partnership (SCP) Arts welcome you to Pollinator Pathways to celebrate pollinators and their habitat.  

This exhibit creates space for us to stop and observe pollinators closely, to learn about their relationships to flowers, and to ponder their value to society.  This exhibit features drawings, photographs, and interactive activities that seek to inspire wonder, joy, and appreciation for the diversity and value of pollinators in the Twin Cities and beyond.


Images by SCP Artist-in-Residence Sarah Nelson

Pollinator Pathways is the result of a multi-year partnership between SCP and the St. Thomas Department of Biology's Pollinator Path to enrich the ecological and educational value of the Pollinator Path through course-based collaborations across disciplines. The Pollinator Path transforms parts of the University of St. Thomas St. Paul campus into an open-air lab for observing pollinators in action and enriching pollinator habitat — anyone can walk the path, from college students, campus visitors, neighbors, and kids on field trips.  

This exhibit features collaborative work from SCP Arts / Pollinator Path course collaborations with General Biology Labs (BIOL 101) and Plants, Food, and Medicine (BIOL 315) and SCP Artist-in-Residence Sarah Nelson.  It also includes original illustrations from Nelson and photography by Doreen Schroeder, co-founder of the Pollinator Path.