Sample Letters, Contracts and Forms

These sample documents are simply a starting point for developing your own tools to utilize when you live off campus.

Simply copy the text from the section you would like to utilize into a word document fill in the content as appropriate.

Please click here to download the Housing Comparison Chart tool.

Take this grid along when you are looking at various apartments, houses, duplexes, or other rental properties. Fill in the boxes with relevant numbers, checkmarks, or dollar amounts. This makes it easy to compare your options. You might want to highlight or circle those items that are particularly important to you.

This Agreement is made on the ________ day of ____________, 20_______, between ________________, ________________, ________________, and ________________.

The parties to this Agreement are joint tenants of a rental unit located at ___________________ (address). These tenants agree that their responsibilities under the lease and to each other shall be governed by the following terms.


  1. That each of the tenants shall follow the rules and conditions set out in the lease (attached).

  2. That each of the tenants shall pay one ____________ (1/___ ) of the following expenses:
    a. ________________ rent ($____ /mo.)
    b. ________________ telephone service
    c. ________________ electricity/cooking gas
    d. ________________ water
    e. ________________ heating oil/gas other

  3. That each tenant shall pay for the long-distance phone calls he or she makes.

  4. That each tenant shall contribute an amount of money (in proportion to their percentage of rent) to supply the landlord with the full security deposit. At the end of the lease, each tenant shall receive his or her share of the security deposit, minus any unpaid rent or damage caused by an individual tenant.

  5. If a tenant creates more damage than her/his share of the security deposit will cover, then that tenant shall reimburse the other tenants for any losses in their shares of the security deposit.

  6. If a tenant moves out before the end of the lease, that tenant must make arrangements to reimburse the other tenants for unpaid rent and/or bills.

  7. That each of the tenants shall remain a resident of the premises during the term of the lease, or continue to pay her/his share of the rent, unless these steps are followed:
    a. Written consent to sublet is obtained from the landlord.
    b. The tenant, at her or his own expense, will locate a new tenant to sublet their share.

  8. This new tenant should not be refused by the other tenants without reasonable cause. The sublettor should know that she or he is responsible ultimately for the actions of the tenant to whom they sublet. If rent is not paid or problems arise with the sublettee, the person on the lease can be held legally and financially responsible.

  9. That any tenant who pays the rent late shall he responsible for any fees which may arise due to their late payment.


___________________ Date _______, ___________________ Date _______

___________________ Date _______, ___________________ Date _______

___________________ Date _______, ___________________ Date _______

1. Sublettor — original tenant
2. Sublettee — new tenant

It is mutually agreed on this _______ day of _____________, 20 ____, between ________________ (sublettor) and ________________(sublettee) that all rights and duties described below shall be assumed by the sublettee for the term of the sublet agreement specified below. The sublettor acknowledges that s/he has sought and received permission to sublet their premises. The sublettee acknowledges receipt of the original lease and agrees to be bound by the terms of the original lease consistent with this sublet agreement effective ___/___/___. The sublettee understands and agrees that s/he will be liable for any damage beyond normal wear and tear to the subleased premises and for any monies due and owing under the terms of this sublease agreement. Description of original lease and premises:

Address of rental unit:

No. Street Apt. # City State ZIP

Landlord identity:
Name Phone #
Term of original lease:___/___/___ to ___/___/___
Term of sublet agreement: ___/___/___ to ___/___/___

Provisions of sublet agreement:
A) Delete (1) or (2)
1) The sublettee shall be liable for the full rent of the sublettor in the amount of $____ per month.
2) The sublettee shall be liable for part of the rent of the sublettor in the amount of $____per month. The sublettor shall remain liable for the remaining $ _____ per month

B) Delete (1) or (2)
1) The sublettee shall pay a security deposit in the amount of $ __________ to be held by . Date sublettor received sublettee’s security deposit: ___/___/___
2) The sublettee shall pay no security deposit.

C) Rent of the sublettee shall be payable to _____________________________ at the address of __________________________________________________

D) Rent of the sublettee shall be paid on or before the _____ day of each month.

E) The sublettee shall be responsible for her/his share (which is _____ percent) of the following utilities (check utilities not included in the rent):
______ gas (cooking and heat)
______ telephone service
______ heating oil
______ water and sewage
______ electricity
______ other: _____________

F) F. The sublettor shall return the sublettee’s security deposit within 21 days after the sublettee moves out. If any deductions are made from the deposit (for damages beyond ordinary wear and tear or for money due and owing under the terms of the sublease agreement), these must be completely itemized and given to the sublettee within the same 30-day period after move-out.


________________________________________________ Date _________

________________________________________________ Date _________

________________________________________________ Date _________
Approved by

_________________________________________________ Date__________

The best way to communicate with your landlord will be utilizing written methods (hard copy or email).  However, at times you our your landlord may prefer to use phone calls or text messaging to communicate.  In either case, we recommend tracking your communication with your landlord to develop a written record of what you discuss and when. 

Here is a sample log with some examples filled in to consdier:
Landlord Communication Log

This Agreement is made and executed in duplicate this _______ day of __________, 20___ by and between Landlord/Leasor: ____________________ (hereinafter called Landlord), and the following tenant(s):
Tenant _________________________, Tenant __________________________,
Tenant _________________________, Tenant __________________________,

1. Rental accommodations and payment schedule:
a) Landlord will provide the following accommodation located at
Type of accommodation is: (circle one) House Room, Apartment, Room and Board.
Term of lease is for ______ months, commencing on the _______ day of __________,
20 ____, and ending on the _____ day of ________, 20 ______, at and for the total rent of $ ____________ dollars, payable in monthly installments as follows: The first installment is payable on the execution of this agreement and the remaining installments are payable in advance on the _______ day of each month.

b) The aforementioned rent includes the following:
(please check)
( ) Oil ( ) Electricity
( ) Water ( ) Gas
( ) Parking ( ) Other ____________________

2. Damage security deposit:
The aforementioned tenant(s) do(es) hereby agree to pay the sum of $_______________ on or before the ______ day of ___________, 20 _______, which sum shall be held in escrow by the landlord as a Damage Security Deposit. This sum may be used by the landlord to compensate for any itemized property damage costs (properly receipted), ordinary wear and tear excepted, or unpaid telephone utility bills. The deposit or portion thereof will be refunded:
(a) upon proper notice of cancellation of the lease, and
(b) within 45 days from the end of the rental period if there are no damages.

3. Condition of premises:
a. Landlord warrants that the premises are habitable, the tenant(s) shall have the quiet enjoyment of same and that the premises comply with housing codes and statutes. This is an independent condition and covenant.
b. The tenant(s) agree(s) to return the premises in good condition, ordinary wear and tear excepted, and damage not proximately caused by the tenant(s) active negligence excepted.
c. Both parties agree that prior to occupancy and prior to termination of this agreement, appropriate written inventories will be taken to determine said condition of the premises, and that such inventories will be taken with all parties of the agreement present. Said inventories are to be attached to this agreement.

4. Use of premises:
Tenant(s) agree(s) to use of the premises only for residential purposes.

5. Termination of occupancy:
Tenant(s) agree(s) as follows: not to transfer or assign this agreement, nor let or sublet the whole or any part of said premises without the written consent of the landlord.

6. Joint and several obligation:
If the above described premises are rented as an apartment or other housing unit to more than one tenant, then each of said joint tenants shall be jointly and severally (individually) responsible for the total rent and/or damages set out above.

IN WITNESS THEREOF, the parties to this agreement have fixed their signatures below on the date first written above.

Date __________________, 20 ____
Landlord ________________________ Tenant ________________________

Dear ________________,

As reported to you by phone on (date), we are requesting that the following repairs be made:
(list repairs)

Minnesota law requires that the landlord:
1. Keep the premises and common areas fit for the use intended
2. Keep the premises in reasonable repair during the tenancy
3. Maintain the premises in compliance with the applicable state and local health and safety laws

If you fail to respond to this request within ______ business days, we have the right to take further action.

I sincerely hope the above repairs will be made in a reasonable amount of time. Please call me at ___________ to discuss a timetable for making the repairs.

Tenant(s) name(s) and signature(s)

(Send at least 60 days before you wish to terminate your lease.)

Dear __________________________,

I am writing to inform you that I/we intend to vacate the (type of accommodation) at (address) as of (date of departure).

I/we will return the keys on (date, year). I/we would appreciate it if you would schedule an inspection of the property before we leave to ensure that you are satisfied with its condition. I/we will call you to set up an appointment.

Please return the security deposit to me at the following address:



Tenant(s) name(s) and signature(s)

Dear ____________________,

As you know, I am the tenant at (address), under a lease that runs from (date) to (date).

Due to (list specific reasons such as family crisis or a leave of absence from the university), it is necessary for me to terminate my lease early. I need to leave on (date). I am sorry for any inconvenience this may cause you, and I will cooperate with you in every way to see that a new tenant is found as promptly as possible.

I would appreciate it if you would release me from the lease without any penalty, since the circumstances of my departure are beyond my control. I will call you (specify date) to discuss this matter.

Tenant’s name and signature