Minor in Popular Music

The minor in popular music is designed to provide students with fundamental skills and performance experiences in popular and contemporary music. The minor offers a strong foundation in instrumental/vocal technique, live performance, popular music theory and history, songwriting, arranging, and modern recording and production techniques. The curriculum combines individual instruction with performance in ensembles in a variety of popular music styles and genres, including rock, R&B, blues, jazz and Latin to name a few.

Minor Curriculum

  • MUSC 161 Elements of Popular Music (4 credits)
  • MUSC 224 Songwriting/Composition (2 credits)
  • MUSC 260 Fundamentals of Musicianship in Popular Music (4 credits)
  • MUSP 1xx Four semesters of performance studies (50-minute lessons) (1 credit per semester)
  • MUSR 270 Level 1 Recital (0 credit) 

Plus eight credits from the following:

  • MUSC 130 Introduction to World Music (4 credits)
  • MUSC 140 Music Media (2 credits)
  • MUSC 162 The Roots of Blues, Rock and Country Music (4 credits)
  • MUSC 216 Jazz in America (4 credits)
  • MUSC 217 Music of the Americas (4 credits)
  • MUSC 218 Black American Music: A Historical Survey (4 credits)
  • MUSC 219 Music in the United States (4 credits)
  • MUSC 223 Arranging (2 credits) 

Plus four semesters in one or a combination of the following:

  • MUSN 173 Guitar Ensemble (1 credit per semester)
  • MUSN 175 Popular Music Ensemble (1 credit per semester)
  • MUSN 182 Instrumental Jazz Ensemble (1 credit per semester)
  • MUSN 183 Jazz Singers (1 credit per semester)