Minor in Music Composition

In composition studies, students collaborate with experienced composers in writing and performing their original music. Students are encouraged to develop their own individual artistic style, while studying the techniques of composing and arranging for a variety of electronic and acoustic instruments and voices. UST students write music in a variety of genres that range from orchestral and choral music to rock and music for video. Most importantly, students have ample opportunities to have their music performed by student soloists and ensembles as well as by professional musicians. The minor culminates in a recital of the student’s compositions. Courses include individual composition lessons, songwriting, music theory, orchestration, conducting, pop music fundamentals, as well as performance lessons and ensembles.

  • MUSC 113 Music Theory and Aural Skills I (4 credits)
  • MUSC 114 Music Theory and Aural Skills II (4 credits)
  • MUSC 140 Music Media (2 credits)
  • MUSC 231 Intro to Conducting I (1 credit)
  • MUSN 1xx Four semesters of Ensemble (1 credit per semester)
  • including at least one semester of MUSN 176 New Music Ensemble.
  • MUSP 165 Four semesters of Composition Studies (50 minute lessons) (1 credit per semester)
  • MUSR 270 Level 1 Composition Recital (0 credits) 

Plus four credits from the following, two of which need to be at the 200 level or above:

  • MUSC 101 Piano Skills I (1 credit)
  • MUSC 102 Piano Skills II (1 credit)
  • MUSC 201 Piano Skills III (1 credit)
  • MUSC 202 Piano Skills IV (1 credit)
  • MUSC 213 Music Theory and Aural Skills III (4 credits)
  • MUSC 224 Songwriting (2 credits)
  • MUSC 260 Fundamentals of Musicianship in Popular Music (4 credits)
  • MUSC 340 Music Theory Elective: Topics (2 credits)
  • MUSC 354 Advanced Conducting and Materials: Instrumental Concentration (2 credits)
  • MUSC 355 Advanced Conducting and Materials: Vocal Concentration (2 credits)

2015 Student Composers Convocation Showcase

Music student composers showcased their compositions on 4/23/15 at the Music Major Convocation. Composers included Luke Mathison, Benjamin Rubenstein, Adam Jensen, Hannah Rosentreter, Joel Anderson, Keegan White, and Andrea Swenson. The works exhibited a wide variety of styles and ranged from songs and piano pieces to a string quartet and a film score. These clips are a few representatives of the showcase.

Untitled Piano Concert.........................Joel Anderson 

I. Sketch  (C major, sort of)
II. Ricordanza (f minor)
III. Allegro (C minor)

Potamophobia.....................................Adam Jensen

 I. Rolling Waves

The Civil War.............................Hannah Rosentreter