Fine Arts Requirement

Members of the Guitar Ensembles stand for recognition after their concert.

A core-area course in one of the fine arts aims to enhance students' understanding of and appreciation for one or more of the fine arts (art, music, or theater).  Students gain an understanding of the role of the fine arts in expressing and maintaining, discovering and questioning a culture's dominant beliefs and ordeals.  A transfer or study-abroad course must be broad enough to encompass different periods, cultures and styles, but also allow for an intensive scrutiny of the way in which the work of art, music or theater is composed and created.

Students have the option of fulfilling the Fine Arts Requirement by enrolling in a four-credit music, art history, or theater appreciation course, or they may fulfill the requirement free of charge by participating in a large ensemble for four semesters.

What music courses fulfill the Fine Arts Requirement?

‌The following Music Department courses currently fulfill the Fine Arts Requirement:

  • MUSC 115 Understanding Music and Culture
  • MUSC 118 Understanding Music and Culture to 1850 (Partial Fulfillment)
  • MUSC 119 Understanding Music and Culture 1850 to Present (Partial Fulfillment)
  • MUSC 120 Orchestral Literature
  • MUSC 130 Introduction to World Music
  • MUSC 170 Music for Film
  • MUSC 216 Jazz in America
  • MUSC 217 Music of the Americas
  • MUSC 218 Black America Music: A Historical Survey
  • MUSC 219 Music in the United States
  • MUSC 222 The Theology of America Popular Music
  • MUSC 412 History and Literature of Music II

How do I fulfill the Fine Arts Requirement free of charge through ensemble participation?

Students may choose to participate for four semesters in one of the following music ensembles, or may take a total of 4 semesters in any combination of choirs (MUSN 140, 142, 143, 160) or 4 semesters in any combination of bands (MUSN 185, 186): 

•  MUSN 140 Women’s Choir

•  MUSN 142 Chamber Singers

•  MUSN 143 Liturgical Choir

•  MUSN 160 Concert Choir

•  MUSN 173 Guitar Ensemble

•  MUSN 181 Orchestra

•  MUSN 185 Symphonic Band

•  MUSN 186 Symphonic Wind Ensemble

How do I have a transfer course evaluated for Fine Arts credit?

  • Fill out a Fine Arts Requirement Evaluation Form‌. Attach a syllabus to the form. Please note that if a course description from a catalog does not provide sufficient information for the course to be properly evaluated and will not be accepted.

In most cases courses are evaluated within 10 business days, except if school is not in session. Please write your contact information clearly (e-mail, telephone number, and student ID) on the form so that you can be contacted when a decision is made.