Choral Concentration

A graduate student participates in an exercise during an advanced conducting class in the Brady Educational Center on July 25, 2012.

The Master of Arts degree with concentration in choral music education features a broad range of theoretical courses balanced by requirements that apply directly to choral directors' work with treble, emerging adolescent, and mature adolescent voices. Unique to this program is its emphasis on practical application in graduate study as well as cooperation among classroom, vocal, and instrumental music educators to produce superior music education in our schools.

In this program students will:

  • sharpen conducting and rehearsal skills necessary for efficient choral artistry;
  • gain insights into historical and contemporary choral literature through analytical study;
  • improve musical competency;
  • broaden understanding of music history, theory, and literature;
  • gain pedagogical insights into vocal development, sight-singing/musicianship, and choral music learning for choirs of all ages and ability levels;
  • discover new applications for existing expertise; and
  • emphasize the commonality of the goals and techniques shared by music educators at all levels.

Required music education core courses (14 credits)

GMUS 600 Introduction to Scholarship & Research Methods in Music, 3 cr.
GMUS 601 Teaching and learning, 3 cr.
GMUS 608 Foundations of Music Education, 3 cr.
GMUS 611 Perspectives in Music Theory, 3 cr.
GMUS 750 Musicianship & Ensemble I, 1 cr.
GMUS 890 M.A. Final Project, 1 cr.

Required choral concentration courses (13 credits)

GMUS 673 Choral Literature and Analysis I, 2 cr.
GMUS 674 Choral Score Study and Literature II, 2 cr.
GMUS 676 Voice Fundamentals, 2 cr.
GMUS 726 Intermediate Choral Conducting, 2 cr.
GMUS 727 Advanced Choral Conducting, 2 cr.
GMUS 728 Advanced Choral Conducting Lab, 1 cr.
GMUS 574 Applied Voice Study, 1 cr.
Private study; 12, 30-minute lessons arranged with the instructor.

Diction (choose 1):
GMUS 530 IPA/English/French Diction for Singers, 1 cr.
GMUS 531 IPA/Italian/German Diction for Singers, 1 cr.

Choral elective courses (minimum of 6 credits) 

GMUS 517 Developing the Child Voice in the Classroom, 2 cr.
GMUS 518 Teaching Choral Music to Young Singers, 2 cr.
GMUS 523 Teaching Adolescent Voices in a Choral Setting, 3 cr.
GMUS 527 Vocal Jazz Techniques, 2 cr.
GMUS 536 Smithsonian Folkways Certification in World Music Pedagogy, 3 cr.
GMUS 537 Latin American Music, 1 cr.
GMUS 544-xx Topics in Music Education, credits vary (advisor approval required)
GMUS 612 Topics in Music History, Literature and Theory, 3 cr.
GMUS 651 Dalcroze Musicianship, 3 cr.
GMUS 742 Kodály Level II, 3 cr.
GMUS 765 American Folk Music, 3 cr.
Other courses considered for elective credit (advisor approval required)

Non-course requirements

Music Diagnostic Exams
Oral Comprehensive Exam