Calculus I Credit By Examination

Students who have a mastery of the material in Math 113 Calculus I but have not received UST credit for it may take a Calculus I credit by examination.  To ensure that you are a good candidate for this exam, you should first schedule a meeting with Professor Dokken by calling 651-962-5523 or via email at  In addition to checking your readiness for the exam, Professor Dokken can also describe the major areas covered on the exam.

 The scoring for the exam is as follows: 

  • A score of 80% or better is necessary to be awarded UST credit for Math 113 Calculus I and would allow a student to register for Math 114 Calculus II.

If after meeting with Professor Dokken and determining that a credit by exam is a feasible option, the student must first make a $150 payment for the exam at the Business Office and bring the receipt to Professor Dokken at the scheduled exam time.  The exam will not be administered without the receipt.  Students are allowed only one try to pass the exam.  After that, the student must successfully complete Math 108 and Math 109 or Math 113 in order to receive credit for Calculus I.