Validation by Educational Experience (VEE)

In order to become a fellow of either CAS or SOA, you need to take courses in Economics, Corporate Finance, and Applied Statistics. The following UST courses are approved by the professional societies, CAS & SOA, to qualify. In each of these courses, you need to earn a grade of B- or higher.


  • ECON 251 & 252 (Intro to Macro and Micro Econ)

Accounting and Finance:

  • ACCT 210, AND
  • FINC 324 (Corporate Finance) - OR - both FINC 321 (Financial Management) & ACSC 464 (MAthematical Finance)

Applied Statistics:

  • STAT 333 (Applied Statistical Methods: Regression, Time Series, Forecasting) [SOA only until July 1, 2018]