The Feminist Community (FemCom)

The Feminist Community (FemCom) is a feminist activist group composed of diverse students who are passionate about not only gender equality, but also their intersecting "-isms" associated with feminism. Our work and discussions thus include areas such as sexuality and sexual orientation, race, socioeconomic differences, ability, etc. We strive to create a safe space for individuals to join in the conversation. Our current activist agenda includes destigmatizing the word "feminism" on campus and building a greater inclusive, loving, equal communityin part by building coalitions with other justice-oritented groups on campus and campus services. Our meetings are flexible in terms of attendance, and we use them for both discussion and event planning.

FemCom meets at 8pm on Monday evenings during the school year in the Luann Dummer Center for Women.  

Meet the 2018 FemCom Co-Facilitators!

Sofía Leyva

Sofía is a sophomore majoring in Justice and Peace Studies with a minor in Non-Profit Management. As an upper middle class, white-passing woman, Sofía feels she has a responsibility to use her privileges to challenge current systems of marginalization in our society and here at St. Thomas. Sofía believes that feminism has the power to create positive peace in the world when we strive for intersectionality and recognize the privileges that we carry. Sofía is excited to meet more empowered women at St. Thomas: her motivation to continue justice work.

You can contact Sofía at:

- Sofía Leyva
Tessa - square

Tessa Schmitz

Tessa is a senior studying English Education with a minor in American Culture and Difference. Fem Com came to her right when she needed it during her Sophomore year. She took solace in the inclusivity of this community as well as the individuality that every person brought to this safe space. Tessa is especially passionate about studying and hopefully combating the cryptic standards society places on women and other minorities. Her goal is to promote equity and acceptance on campus and in her future classroom as an educator. Having privilege on this campus and in this world, Tessa strives to listen to those around her, to be a force to be reckoned with, and to make sure that everyone finds their voice and ground with us. She can’t wait to learn and grow from her fellow co-facilitators and our Fem Com community. 

You can contact Tessa at:
Tessa Schmitz - Tessa Schmitz

Kaitlyn Spratt

Kaitlyn is a sophomore studying Women’s Studies and English with an emphasis in creative writing. After her first Femcom meeting as a freshman, she was hooked. She values the culture Femcom has created- one of empathy, honesty, and open-mindedness. Kaitlyn is particularly passionate about the rights of victim-survivors of sexual violence. In addition to Femcom, she works as a student worker at the Luann Dummer Center for Women. This year, she looks forward to collaborating with fellow femcommers in their pursuit to make St. Thomas a feminist campus.

You can contact Kaitlyn at:

- Kaitlyn Spratt

Anna Tillotson

Anna is a junior studying Communications and Journalism with a minor in French. She first discovered FemCom when she was a sophomore, and she was impressed by the inclusive space that FemCom provides the UST community. She knew that she wanted to be apart of a community that celebrates women and works to bring awareness to social justice issues. FemCom has been vital to her experience at St. Thomas, and she works to promote equality and acceptance in her daily life. She is especially concerned with the way women are represented in the media and is actively working to combat the false representation that constricts many women. She hopes to continue to celebrate the differences that make us all unique. 

You can contact Anna at:

- Anna Tillotson

Danielle Wong

Danielle is a sophomore studying Communications and Journalism with double minors in Renaissance Business and Justice & Peace Studies. She has been involved with FemCom since her freshman year and was recently employed to the Luann Dummer Center for Women as a student worker. Danielle is endlessly grateful to have found not only a safe space, but also a brave space where ideas are exchanged and healthily challenged. In everything she does, Danielle stresses the importance of intersectionality because while our struggles may be similar in spirit, they are by no means identical in nature. She looks forward to see what each generation of feminists will contribute and accomplish together.

You can contact Danielle at:

- Danielle Wong