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Student Life

With more than three dozen active student organizations at the School of Law, our students have ample opportunity to put their commitment to service, leadership and social justice to work. Many organizations sponsor speaker programs, while others coordinate community service opportunities. Still others provide for personal growth and introspection, or a chance to have fun with friends. The list of groups varies from year to year along with student interests.

Student Government

Student Government represents and protects the interests of students through dialogue and participatory decision-making while pursuing the St. Thomas Law mission. Committees within Student Government include Career and Professional Development (CPD) Advisory, Curriculum, Finance, Hiring, Judicial, Mentor Externship Advisory, Mission and Social. Student Government also organizes peer mentor program events, midterm town hall study sessions, finals town hall study sessions, the St. Thomas Law Christmas Party, alumni panel lunches, law prom and a registration forum.

Madeleine Haberman
Vice President
Alex Frescoln
Kevin Green
Natalie Thomas
Judicial Chair
Anna Conrad
ABA Representative
Alyssa Lund
Committee Liaison
Austin Northagen
Exec. Dir. of Events
Payton Yahn

Diversity & Inclusion Liaison
Ricardo Johnson III

3L Representatives
Bea Hanson
Thomas McDermott

2L Representatives
Taylor Daniels
Jeff Heidkamp

1L Representatives
Ted Tiffany (A)
Salma Muftah (A)
Isaac Schumacher (B)
Gabe Zempel (B)

LL.M. Representative
Ana Sorgenfrei