Estimated Direct Costs

Juris Doctor (J.D.)

Full-time (12-17 credits/term) tuition for the fall 2020 entering class is $21,783 per term. Part-time (8-11 credits/term) tuition for the fall 2020 entering class is $16,337 per term. Students taking more than 17 credits in a term will be charged the flat rate amount of $21,783 plus $1,486.00 for each credit above the 17 credits. Students taking less than 8 credits in a term will be charged $1,486.00 per credit. All students are required to pay a technology fee of $116.50 and a student health fee of $36 per term. A student activity fee of $72.50 will be charged for the fall and spring terms. Tuition and fees are subject to change each academic year.

Students entering in fall 2020 as part-time students who enroll in the recommended first-semester course load of 12 credits will be charged the part-time tuition rate of $16,337 for their first semester only, despite their 12-credit course load.

Indirect Costs

For students who apply for financial aid, the nine-month Cost of Attendance Budget includes allowances for other indirect costs, such as books, supplies, housing, meals, transportation, insurance and other miscellaneous expenses. This cost is calculated each spring for the following academic year. The allowance for the 2020-21 academic year is $20,932. The actual amount of these expenses varies depending upon the circumstances of each student. 

The University of St. Thomas School of Law is committed to making high quality legal education available to students by offering several forms of financial assistance, including scholarship, employment and loans. Financial assistance is designed to help students meet  education-related expenses, including not only tuition, but housing, meals and other living expenses.

Working During Law School

The School of Law imposes no restriction on employment, but we recommend that a full-time student work fewer than 20 hours per week. If you plan to work more than 20 hours a week, you should consider attending part time.