Go into business; import fair trade coffee.

Steve Bauer. 1991, major in Entrepreneurship, justice and peace minor.  

As a student, Steve spent time in both Jamaica and Guatemala.  

With a partner after graduation, he founded three coffee shops and bookstores in Telluride, Durango,and Gunnison Colorado, importing coffee directly from San Lucas Toliman parish in Guatemala and facilitating discussions on peace and justice.

Laundry day on Lake Atitlan, San Lucas Toliman, Guatemala.

‌ Soon he sold his share in the business and spend a year in Africa (Kenya and Tanzania) studying the coffee import-export business and making connections with small growers’ cooperatives there.  

Next he worked with “Equal Exchange”– a business that imports quality coffee (“earth-friendly” and “human-friendly”) from small growers’ cooperatives in Chiapas, Mexico and Guatemala and pays the growers a living wage even if that is higher than the world market price.  Their slogan is “not just a cup, but a just cup.”  He shared a meal with the Nobel Peace Prize winner Rigoberta Menchu Tum at the celebration of their coffee roastery in New Prague MN.  

Now he works with Paragon Coffee in New York as a wholesale coffee buyer and seller.  He recently began investing in a biodiesel company in the state of Washington that produces motor fuel from algae that grow on sewage.