Work in an international NGO; work at a foreign university.

Michelle LeVoy. 1993, double major with French. 

During her college career, Michelle studied a year in Paris and Nante.  She did an internship with the World Relief Refugee Services in Chicago and took part in a special program for promising young leaders with Pax Christi U.S.A.  

After graduation she represented the United States at the international office of Pax Christi in Brussels, Belgium, and in 1998 completed a Masters’ degree in urban planning and development atLouvain la Neuve.  Research in Brazil on internal migration from rural to urban areas led to her meeting "a very special young man," Adenilson Pereira, whom she married in the summer of 2002. 

Workers' favela in Sao Paolo, Brazil, 1988

With regard to her research, she comments:

I interviewed rural migrants living in the urban periphery of Goiânia. I believe that my background in Justice and Peace Studies really helped me to focus my thesis research on housing and urban sociology but to set it within the framework of social justice.

She worked for some time as Coordinator, Department of Human Ecology at Brussels Free University (VUB) involved with Student Advising and Marketing.  More recently, she has been 
working as a researcher/networker at PICUM -- The Platform for International Cooperation on Undocumented Migrants where

I have to constantly ask questions about justice and social issues. [PICUM] focuses on the basic social rights of undocumented migrants, and I’m working on a particular project on undocumented workers, where we are focusing on workers’ rights even for people who do not have the right to legally work in the country they reside in.