Work with a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO)

Upon graduation, Jesse worked with the American Refugee Committee in Kosovo.  He was part of a team implementing community stabilization projects to make it possible for families to return home after the war, and monitoring the status of vulnerable populations in a tense post-conflict environment.  Over one million refugees and internally displaced persons were created from the crisis in 1999. 

During his time in Kosovo, Jesse took the initiative to create an inter-ethnic running team that trained for the Athens Classic Marathon in Greece.  The Serbian and Albanian teens began their preparation as an informal club with only the promise of funding and the hope of doing something extaordinary.  They ran many miles in tattered tennis shoes, toes protruding from holes in the soles, and held tedious team-building meetings where everything was translated into three languages.  In the end the team was funded by OSCE and they all finished the marathon in Greece.  After growing up under the despondency that comes from war, many of them for the first time experienced a sense of accomplishment at overcoming obstacles to achieve a long-term goal.  

Upon returning to the states Jesse applied for graduate programs in Public Policy.  He finished a masters at Carnegie Mellon and is currently working on a doctoral degree at Syracuse University.  He studies applied statistics, poverty dynamics, civil society organizations, and philanthropy.