Internship Opportunities

Integral to the requirements for the JPST major is a semester-long or summer internship in peace and justice work of 7-10 hours a week. Acceptable placements include work with a nonprofit or governmental organization doing direct service, education for peace and justice, or political action. The requirement may be fulfilled by participating in appropriate off-campus academic programs which have reflective internship components, such as the programs of HECUA and Augsburg's Center for Global Education.  (For current internship opportunities, see below).

To explore internship possibilities:

Click here to download reporting forms for current students and their internship supervisors.

Current Internships:

Face Forward Financial Development Internship (8-10 hrs/week)

Main Goal: Find funding for Face Forward through GRANT WRITING!

Learn about grant submissions and the technique of grant writing by working with our Face Forward Operations Director. You will draft several grant proposals throughout the semester and leave this internship with increased knowledge about grant submissions, grant writing, both of which are valuable and rare skills to have to be able to submit your own in the future! Those interested in working with nonprofit organizations or agencies will especially benefit from this internship.


January 1st - January 13th: Spring Internship application submission period

January 21st - 25th Interviews

January 30th: Notification of Application

February 12th: First Meeting

March 19th: Mid-Spring Session Evaluations

April 30th: Last meeting

Tuesdays from 5:30-7pm in Uptown, Minneapolis

Face Forward ( is offering a variety of Spring internships that are directly relevant to the career goals and skill sets of young adults and aspiring professionals in the Twin Cities. A great opportunity to get hands on experience in the nonprofit local performing arts community, our interns are directly involved with a growing network of talent. See other internship positions on our website or on!
More / LessHow to apply

Email us ( with a cover letter, resume, & indication of which internship you are interested in (you can choose more than one) to apply.


We are art advocates because we are people advocates. We advocate the spread of arts experience across barriers, cultural or otherwise, because when we share our art, we share our humanity Face Forward supports the community by supporting local artists.

Face Forward supports local artists by ….

1) Engaging them in a socially conscious community
2) Providing unique performance opportunities
3) Exposing their work via online promotion and photo/video production
4) Compensating them for shows
5) Creating growth and networking opportunities

Face Forward strives to achieve its mission by partnering with community-based organizations in the Twin Cities metro, booking customized shows in non-traditional locations, hiring exclusively local talent, and creating high-quality media that showcases local performing arts.


Founded in October 2009, Face Forward has planned, promoted, and hosted a wide array of multidisciplinary performing arts shows in the Twin Cities. Using small, intimate settings of shoe stores, office spaces, and coffee shops to large spaces in venues like First Ave, Patrick's Cabaret, and the Old Arizona Theater, Face Forward has worked with local performing artists to book high quality performing arts for the organizations they work with.

We have raised money, awareness, and donations for international and local organizations: Global Fund for Women The CAVE trust fund in India Brian Coyle Community Center Youth Farm and Marketing Project Sharing and Caring Hands Minnesota Food Share Toys for Tots People Serving People Canvas Youth Center

We have booked shows/artists for: Summerset Music Festival, Project Earth Festival, East Side Arts Council, CAPI USA, Kidventure, Corepower Yoga, Holiday Inn University of Saint Thomas, We International Inc., Macalester College, Linden Hills Farmers Market. 

Alliance for Peacebuilding Internships

Dear AfP Members,

AfP is seeking interns to fill several positions starting this fall:
• Communications Internship
• Mapping Project Internship
• 3P Human Security Internship
• Fundraising Internship
• Presidential Internship
• Evaluation Internship
• Strategic Communications Internship
Please note that all internships (part-time or full-time) will accommodate a flexible schedule. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis, and will be located at our Washington, DC headquarters. The Alliance for Peacebuilding is an equal opportunity employer and welcomes resumes from all qualified applicants, particularly women and minorities. AfP does not discriminate on the basis of gender, ethnicity, race, or persons with disabilities.

Emily A. Mallozzi
Membership & Operations Manager | Alliance for Peacebuilding
1320 19th Street, NW Suite 410 | Washington, DC |20036
202.822.2047 x 114 | | Facebook | Twitter

Check out our "Refer a Friend" link within your member profile options. Here you can paste in the email addresses of friends or colleagues who might like to join AfP!

Help build sustainable peace and security worldwide.

Alliance for Peacebuilding
1320 19th Street, NW Suite 410
Washington, DC 20036


The Dispute Resolution Center supports the efforts of people from diverse backgrounds who want to obtain mediation training in order to volunteer as a mediator to provide conflict-resolution services to under-served segments of the East Metro area of the Twin Cities community.

Those wishing to apply for a full or partial scholarship should:

* demonstrate their high motivation and commitment to offering mediation services to people currently under-served in our society (e.g., economically disadvantaged, and/or culturally and racially diverse communities);

* be from culturally and ethnically diverse backgrounds or have experience working with diverse communities (e.g. proficiency in a second language) in order to encourage a diversity of mediators in the field;

* demonstrate financial need;

* have previously demonstrated actions and experiences that are consistent with peacekeeping and providing services to under-served segments
of our society;

* have flexible schedules and occasional daytime availability for volunteer mediations;

*  live or work in the East Metro Area of the Twin Cities; and

* not have completed other similar training programs in mediation.

To apply for a scholarship, please e-mail, fax, or mail a one-page description of your background, goals, and desired training along with your registration form to  the Dispute Resolution Center, 91 East Arch Street, Saint Paul, MN 55130-4301.  651 292 7791;  651 292 6065 fax,

Human Rights Accompaniers Needed in Guatemala

Next training: January 2013 in Bay Area, CA
Application Deadline: October 31, 2012

For more information and an application, please visit our website:

Six-month minimum commitment required

The role of human rights accompaniers:
Accompaniers work as human rights observers, providing an international presence to Guatemalans organizing in defense of their rights in a variety of contexts, including precedent-setting genocide cases and local opposition to mega-projects. Accompaniers work in pairs, travel between the capital and an assigned region, share in rural life, observe and report on conditions, monitor the human rights situation and provide a link to the international community. NISGUA trains volunteers and matches them with groups in the U.S. that support the accompanier’s stay both financially and personally.

Candidates should have:
o  The ability to document and analyze events and conditions in order to produce quality written reports and educational materials
o  Cultural sensitivity; excellent judgment skills; physical stamina; ability to work flexibly in dynamic, changing situations; resourceful in self-care and relational dynamics
o  A high level of verbal and written Spanish or the ability to develop it with six weeks of intensive study
o  A familiarity with the history of Central America/U.S. relations, the current situation in Guatemala, and a basic understanding of human rights/accompaniment
o  Previous experience in Latin America (especially rural areas) strongly preferred
o  Awareness of security issues, willingness to work in a situation which might involve risk, interest in individual and team analysis

Benefits include: 
Accommodation and food covered by a small monthly stipend; health insurance, a re-entry stipend, and a contribution toward international airfare also provided.

About GAP:
The Guatemala Accompaniment Project (GAP) of the Network in Solidarity with the People of Guatemala (NISGUA) trains and places qualified candidates as human rights accompaniers. NISGUA is one of many organizations around the world that employs accompaniment as a vital tool in the global struggle for the respect of human rights.  In the Guatemalan context, accompaniment is one tool used in response to the threats, harassment, and violence faced by survivors of Guatemala's 36-year-long civil war, grassroots organizations working for justice, and indigenous communities combating destructive mega-development projects on their land.

Long-term & Summer Campaign Director Position with Fair Share

Fair Share Alliance is a citizen-based non-profit advocacy organization that works to provide every American with a fair shot at a good job, a secure future and a strong voice in our democracy.


We're facing a huge jobs crisis in this country. While too many Americans are struggling to find work, big corporations like Exxon Mobil are receiving billions in government subsidies. The good news is that we can create jobs rebuilding America's roads and bridges, and expanding clean energy. Big companies like Exxon will spend millions lobbying to stop us, but with elections coming up, grassroots support can make the difference.

We are NOW HIRING for offices around the country. We're looking for people who work hard, communicate well, and are committed to positive social change. As a Campaign Director, you’ll be part of building a Fair Share Alliance organization in your community and raising the profile of our issues to make a real impact in the lives of your friends, family and neighbors. To learn more details on particular responsibilities we encourage you to fill out our interest form here so we can reach out to you directly with more information.

Fair Share Alliance is opening offices in 20 states across the country--it is also possible to apply and interview in California for a position in a different state office. Please use the links above, or email Charlie Furman, Campaign Director Fair Share Alliance, at<mail  or c: 612-245-3394 o: 614-398-2507 with questions or to get started in the process!