Accounts & Passwords

Every active member of the St. Thomas community has a username. Your username and password allow you to log on to campus computers, OneStThomas, Email, Canvas, Murphy Online, etc. Accounts are created 24 hours after your formal acceptance to St. Thomas. 

Account Expiration

Student accounts expire 365 days after their last active term or graduation based on university policy. View our Leaving St. Thomas Checklist to make a smooth transition when you leave. 

Setup your account

New students, returning students, and alumni members must claim their account before it can be used. You'll receive your student ID number and additional account information in the mail by Admissions after formal acceptance to St. Thomas. By claiming your account, you will activate it and create your first password. 

Note: Students who took undergraduate courses and are returning to the university for graduate programs will enter the same student ID number from their previous enrollment.