Courses of Irish Interest

St. Thomas has recently offered a variety of courses that advance Irish Studies, including:

ENGLISH 270 Ireland Into Film
ENGLISH 390/590 Major Figures: Seamus Heaney
ENGLISH 390/590 Major Figures: W. B. Yeats
ENGLISH 643 Contemporary Irish Writing
ENGLISH 390/690 James Joyce
ENGLISH 390/590 Poetry of Seamus Heaney and Eavan Boland
ENGLISH 515 Contemporary Irish Drama
HISTORY 298 Introduction to Modern Irish History
IRGA 297 Gaeilge 1: Introduction to Irish
IRGA 298 Gaeilge 2
THEO 374 Ireland: Understanding Celtic Christian Spirituality
THEO 388 Topics in Historical Theology: Christianity in Ireland

There are a number of other courses in which a student will find a large Irish component, or could readily pursue an Irish research project (for which the student would need to present evidence that his or her focus of study was on Ireland):

HISTORY 310 Medieval Europe, 1050-1350
HISTORY 318 Nineteenth Century Europe
HISTORY 320 Europe Since 1914
HISTORY 342 Modern Britain Since 1688
HISTORY 366 The Catholic Church in the United States
PEACE STUDIES 250 Introduction to Justice and Peace Studies
POLITICAL STUDIES 350 Comp. European Government and Politics
SOCIOLOGY 251 Race and Ethnicity

Students with an Interst in the Irish language may avail of further instruction at Arus Maírtín Uí Chadháin in western Ireland, where academic credit is offered by the National University of Ireland, Galway. In the past, a number of St. Thomas students have met their language requirements in this way.

The center also works with the International Education Center at St. Thomas to promote study at Irish colleges and universities. University of St. Thomas students may study in Ireland through an exchange agreement with University College, Cork. Similar arrangements with Maynooth University in County Kildare and the University of Ulster in Northern Ireland are also in development. Participating students gain a firsthand understanding of Irish life and culture. For these students, Ireland provides a window on Europe in the last decade of the twentieth century -- elements essential to education for the next century.

St. Thomas students may also avail of Irish-interest courses offered at the schools in the Associated Colleges of the Twin Cities.