Latino Scholars Program

The Latino Scholars Program prepares a new generation of leaders in the Latino community who are able to draw upon their own deep cultural roots within the Catholic faith. Embracing the Catholic intellectual tradition and social teachings of the Church, the program is designed to develop intellectually informed and spiritually minded graduates dedicated to the service of their community, fostering within students a deep sense of their vocations to promote justice in the world.   

A Latino Scholar pursues one of the 150 fields of study available to St. Thomas undergraduates and pairs it with a Catholic studies major or minor. A personal academic mentor stays with you all four years of college. This integrated approach to study helps you develop meaningful, concrete ways to integrate your career, faith and family life after college.

Monthly Mass followed by a dinner discussion is a favorite activity of Latino Scholars. Community dinners provide opportunities for open, thoughtful discussion about Catholic education and your student experience and professional goals as they relate to discovering your vocation and mission in life.

Latino Scholars often come from similar backgrounds. Events and social activities are designed to develop deep relationships and build community through shared experiences.

You will be joining a growing professional network of more than 50 St. Thomas Latino Scholar alumni who have a history of vibrant service to the broader Latino community and local bi-lingual Catholic parishes. As your understanding of the relationship between faith and leadership develops, you will have an opportunity to mentor a local high school student on their own education journey.