Financial aid for visiting undergraduate summer session students

Visiting students have two financial aid options to help defray the costs associated with enrolling in summer session classes at St. Thomas. 

Private Educational Loans are commercial loans made by banks or other lenders to students. Students apply directly with the lender to secure this type of loan. Approval of private educational student loans is based on a student's overall credit profile. A co-signer is generally required

Step 1: Register for your summer session classes at St. Thomas

Step 2: Research programs, select the lender of your choice and apply on line for the loan. Apply at least a month before the start of summer session and have a cosigner available. Although a cosigner may not be required, they typically can improve your loan terms.

Step 3: Loan funds sent to the university electronically will be applied directly to your student account. You will be contacted with instructions in the event your lender sends a paper loan check to the university.

Private Loan Lender List – For non-degree students

The link above provides information for unaffiliated lenders that we have determined provide private educational loans for non-degree students. The lenders noted therein are not specifically endorsed by St. Thomas. Furthermore, St. Thomas does not and cannot guarantee the lenders noted will provide the best borrower benefits to you. St. Thomas will process a private education loan from any lender you choose up to the cost of your summer tuition and fees as long as you meet the loan program eligibility requirements. It is your responsibility to research the options available to you.

Things to consider when researching student loan products offered by a private lender:

  • Is the loan program available for non-degree students?
  • Is there a minimum enrollment requirement? (Students enrolled in 1-5 credits are considered less than half-time. Students enrolled in 6-8 credits are considered half-time. Students enrolled in 12 or more credits are considered full-time.)
  • What is the interest rate and is it a fixed or variable rate? How often does it change, if variable?
  • Are there any loan fees? If so, how does it affect the amount disbursed?
  • Are the customer service hours convenient for you? Check out their website.
  • When does repayment start and how are you notified?

Grants may be available to qualified low-income to moderate-income Minnesota residents who received a Minnesota State Grant during the 2018-19 school year as a degree-seeking undergraduate student at an eligible Minnesota post-secondary school

All materials must be received by the financial aid office no later than June 24, 2019 to be considered for a summer Minnesota State Grant at St. Thomas. Late or incomplete applications will not be processed.

Step 1: Register for your summer session classes at St. Thomas.

Step 2: Submit a 2018-2019 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to the University of St. Thomas, federal code 002345.

Step 3: Submit a 2018-2019 State of Minnesota Financial Aid Application for a Visiting Summer Session Student.

Step 4: Respond to any communication sent to your St. Thomas email account from the financial aid office. Communication may include a request for additional information or notification of your eligibility for a Minnesota State Grant award.