Allen H. Aspengren  portrait

Allen H. Aspengren

Adjunct Faculty
Mail OSS100
University of St. Thomas
2115 Summit Avenue
Saint Paul, MN 55105

Interests and expertise

Environmental engineering, eco-efficiency, sustainable development, management of safety issues.


Allen H. Aspengren is an environmental and safety expert who recently completed a 30-year career at 3M. He is currently consulting. At 3M, Aspengren held a variety of positions including international environmental manager and safety manager. Aspengren lived in Brussels for several years while heading 3M Europe's environmental health and safety efforts. He is an expert in 3M's Pollution Prevention Pays program, as well as sustainable development and life cycle management programs. He has experience in safety and various audit protocols and is a respected teacher, speaker and writer. At St. Thomas, Aspengren teaches ETLS 677 "Sustainable Development."

Selected publications

Chaired editorial group for the book, "Eco-Efficiency - the Business Link to Sustainable Development," published by MIT


B.S. 1968 Mechanical Engineering, Marquette University

Summer 2018 Courses

Summer 2018 Courses
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ETLS 677 - 01 Sustainable Devlpmt Strategies - T - R - - - 1745 - 2045 OSS 122

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- T - R - - -

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1745 - 2045


OSS 122

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30233 (View in ClassFinder)

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Allen H. Aspengren

Students will demonstrate understanding of the many environmental and social equity issues and solutions related to sustainable development. They will be given the tools such as: life cycle management, eco-efficiency, design for environment, etc. to propose solutions to issues. Students will learn about environmental controls, regulations, waste management, etc. and how they can be addressed. Through required outside reading, they will see both an industrial and environmental perspective of sustainable development. Prerequisites: None

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Fall 2018 Courses
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