Research Students

Every year over 50 students perform research under the mentorship of UST Chemistry faculty, which is one of the highest participation levels of any school.  Click on the names of the faculty mentors to see a list of the students that have worked for them in the past year.

Summer Research 2015‌‌‌‌‌

Summer Research Students 2015


Tony Borgerding

Research Students:

Sam Dennert
Lucas Keehr


Justin Donato

Donato Group 2015

Research Students:

Leah Grim
Asher Knudson
Kate Mares
Bridget McGivern
Hayley Schuchard
Michael Simeon

Eric Fort

Fort Group 2015‌‌

Research Students:

Joe Jaye
Grant McCormick
Kayla Orbeck

Marites Guino-o

Guinoo Group 2015

Research Students:

Joseph Blatner
Brian Bustrom
Theresa Pham
Sydney Steger


J. Thomas Ippoliti

Ippoliti Group 2015

Research Students:

Maya Audi
Landon Crippes
Evan Keil
Grant Larson
Daniel Nicholson
James Smyth
Thomas Tuohy
Andrea Westlie
Abi Heuer
Nick Sheridan


Josh Layfield

Wade Fuerste
Erin Griffin
Nikolas Larson
Kha Lor
Tony Schaefer

Gary A Mabbott

Mabbott Group 2015

Research Students:

Joshua Pfitzer
Drew Stolpman


Thomas Marsh

Marsh Group 2015

Research Students:

Jen FitzGerald
Chad Hewitt
Evan Kalb
Maddy Riemenschneider
ShaShee Yang

William H Ojala

 Ojala Group 2015

Research Students:

Jaya Dhami
Kiersten Idzorek
Ryan Johnson
Kara Kassekert
Samantha Whitcomb


Lisa Prevette

Prevette Group 2015

Research Students:

Hannah Drazenovich
Anna Folska
Hannah Ganzel
Francesca Ippoliti
Stephanie Surma

Kristine H Wammer

Wammer Group 2015

Research Students:

Michael Andreone
Sarah Beck
Stephanie Berg
Cole Fuerste
Carlee Heiling
Jessie O'Brien
Danielle Webb