The UST Chemistry Department is dedicated to having modern equipment to train our students and advance our research agenda. Our department has excellent shared instrumentation facilities for analysis of most kinds of samples.  In addition to common chromatographic and spectroscopic instruments, we have many specialized instruments dedicated to individual research labs.

Our NMR is a JEOL ECS 400 MHz NMR Spectrometer.  It has a multinuclear probe with automatic tuning.  It is also equipped with an automatic 24 position sample changer.  It has variable temperature capabilities for dynamic NMR experiments.

The magnet has gradient shimming that gives extraordinary line shapes on every spectrum.  All 1-D and 2-D experiments can be fully automated.  The instrument is controlled by Delta software that runs on a 27 inch iMac.  The instrument can also be controlled from any office computer.

The department obtained a Micromass QTof2 with an electrospray ion source through a generous donation from 3M Company.

The department also has a Thermo Fisher ISQ GC-MS.

We have two Bruker Alpha-P FTIR IR spectrometers capable of solid and liquid IR with a diamond ATR capability. One of these instruments is dedicated to undergraduate research and the other is for general use including Organic Chemistry laboratory characterization.

In 2007, we purchased a new Varian model 55B atomic absorption spectrophotometer with multielement lamps allowing analysis of Ca, Mg, Fe, Zn, Pb, Co, and Cu. 

The Department has a Bioanalytical Systems Electrochemistry station for doing all sorts of voltammetry and coulometry. We have ultra-micro electrodes and the low current module and a high current module for doing bulk electrolysis and a homemade rotated disk system as well. 

The department has a handheld Bruker XRF.

The department has a Fluoromax from Spex.  It is capable of recording excitation, emission or synchronous fluorescence spectra. We also have a flow cell for this instrument. 

The department has several UV-vis spectrometers including a ThermoFischer Evolution UV-Vis  and a Nanodrop.

The department has several Raman spectrometers including one from CBEX and several handheld devices.

The department has several HPLC instruments including an Agilent 1220 HPLC system with diode array UV detector and fluorescence detector.

The department also has a Viscotek GPC max gel permeation chromatograph with a model TDA 302 Triple Array Detector.

In 2014 we obtained a Shimadzu GC2014 with FID and an autosampler.

The department has a Beckman Coulter CE instrument.

The department has a Zetasizer NanoZ5 Differential Light Scattering instrument.

Two research groups in the department have Biotage Isolera One flash chromatography equipement.

The department has two microwave reactors for research and teaching use, a Biotage Initiator microwave reactor and a CEM Discover reactor equipped with the Explorer automated sample selector.

The department has two flow chemical reactors.  A ThalesNano H-cube flow reactor and an FutureChemistry flow system.

The department acquired a BioRad iQ5 qPCR in 2008.  This powerful instrument has enhanced our biochemistry research capabilities by allowing for quantification of gene expression and nucleic acid amplification.

The department also has two Eppendorf thermocyclers for DNA amplification.

The department has a NanoITC for precision calorimetry and kinetic experiments.

The department a TA model DSC Q100 differential scanning calorimeter for thermal analysis as well as a TA model TGA Q500 thermal gravimetric analyzer for thermal analysis.

The department has a Liquid Crystal Tunabale Filter and microscope with heated stage.

The department has a LiCOR 3400 DNA sequencer, which allows in-house genetic sequencing.

  We have a high-performance computer cluster built with Hewlett-Packard servers and a total capacity of 480 processors.  The cluster is used to calculate the electronic structure of molecules and run molecular dynamics simulations.  This cluster is used primarily for undergraduate research, but it is also used in Physical Chemistry laboratory. 


The department is equipped with a stainless steel glovebox for moisture senstive experiments.

Below is a short list of other specialized equipment used in the department:

  • The department is equipped with a stainless steel glovebox for moisture senstive experiments.
  • Freezone 1 Lyophilizer
  • Muffle furnace
  • Ball mill
  • Nanopure water purification
  • Beckman ultracenterfuge
  • Sorvall refrigerated centerfuge and several benchtop microcenterfuges
  • Several biohazard cold boxes and a -20 C freezer
  • Two biosafety hoods
  • Two incubators including a NewBrunswick shaking incubator
  • Two probe sonicators
  • Eppendorf 2570 electroporator
  • CHEF DR2 pulse field gel
  • VesaDoc gel imager