Students attend National Meeting of the American Chemical Society

May 28, 2015 / By: UST Chemistry Department

Seventeen students and two faculty from the Chemistry Department presented their research at the 249th American Chemical Society National Meeting and Exposition, held in Denver, Colorado.

The participating students, the titles of their posters, and their advisers were:

  • Ben Gelinas, “Desilylation and deuterium enrichment of ethynyl substituted pyridines,” student of Dr. Eric Fort
  • Dan Kremer, “Speciation studies between a novel pincer ligand with lanthanum (III) salts,” and Meghan Talbot, “Trends observed during the nickel-catalyzed dehydrogenation of ammonia-borane utilizing asymmetrical triazolylidene ligands,” students of Dr. Marites Guino-o
  • Andrea Westlie, “Synthesis of secondary amines,” Abigail Heuer and Danielle Hinckley, “Synthesis of a novel isoxazolinone,” Olga Zamulko, Abigail Heuer and Danielle Hinckley, “Synthesis of novel GLP-1 stimulants,” students of Dr. J. Thomas Ippoliti
  • Evan Eklund, “Supramolecular guanine-rich quadruplexes and their transfection into mammalian cells,” student of Dr. Thomas Marsh
  • Kara Kassekert, “Benzylideneanilines and benzonitrile oxides: Solid-state structure and reactivity studies,” Brianna Vickerman, “Solid-state structures and reactivity of some nitrogen-containing organic compounds,” Jaya Dhami “Structures and reactivity of some nitrogenous organic solids,” and Kaitlyn Van Auken, “Effects of Molecular Structure on Crystal Structure and Solid-State Reactivity of Some Nitrogenous Organic Compounds,” students of Dr. William Ojala
  • Kirsten Mueller, “Polycation-DNA interaction thermodynamics: Tailoring gene delivery systems,” and Ryan Smith, “Impact of poly(ethylene glycol) molecular weight and degree of conjugation on the thermodynamics of DNA complexation and colloidal stability of polyethylenimine-graft-poly(ethylene glycol) copolymers,” students of Dr. Lisa Prevette
  • Kyler Anderson, “Aqueous Photochemistry of Altrenogest,” Elizabeth Beck, “Integrons and Multiple-Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria in Minnesota Suface Waters,” and Cole Fuerste, “The Ozonation of Roxithromycin: Determination of Products Through HPLC-MS/MS and their Antibacterial Activity,” students of Dr. Kris Wammer.

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