Andrew Tubesing portrait

Andrew Tubesing

Lab Manager - Electrical and Computer Engineering
M.S., New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology
Facilities & Design Center 215
Mail OSS100
2115 Summit Ave.
St. Paul, MN 55105


M.S. Electrical Engineering, New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology
B.A. Studio Art, St. Olaf College, Northfield, MN

Interests and expertise

  • Renewable energy systems: system simulation, grid/load integration, power quality, decision support analysis. Particular interest in synergetic use of existing and accessible renewable technologies
  • Experimental audio devices and musical instruments, musical robotics
  • Systematic and creative problem solving methodology
  • STEM education & outreach
  • Telecommunications infrastructure
  • Mathematical sculpture



Andrew Tubesing joined the UST engineering department in the summer of 2011. Previously he spent ten years at New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology where he managed the electrical engineering laboratories and taught courses in circuit theory and engineering design. With particular interest in student team project work, he focused closely on equipping and coordinating capstone design experiences. For the past decade he has also been heavily involved in Science Olympiad at the state and regional levels as an event supervisor, arbitrator, and competition coordinator.

Andrew began his career in broadcast engineering at an NPR member station, gaining a diverse background in electronic and electrical systems.  Switching gears, he spent two years working as a peace educator, during which he traveled the entire U.S. and beyond, presenting workshops and other programs on peacemaking and environmental topics. The project culminated in a book of peace messages addressed to the United Nations from children and adults worldwide. Returning to the technical realm, Andrew started a low-voltage electrical contracting business, working on a variety of commercial projects for educational/institutional campuses, specializing in custom integration of communications technologies, including large scale telephone and data infrastructure, satellite downlink and CATV systems, security monitoring, and audio/video/broadcast studios. Andrew moved on to earn a M.S. in electrical engineering from New Mexico Tech in Socorro NM, and directed his career into education.


Andrew enjoys art, writing, volunteering, and exploring.

As a sculptor he works in three (or four) dimensions, melding aesthetics and engineering with wood, metal, glass, sound, and in some cases viewer interaction. His works depict mathematical concepts and functions, and often integrate an element of time. His interest in robotic musical projects also stems from the creative application of scientific principles.

Andrew spends much of his energy advocating for patients with chronic illness. As a chapter board member and support group leader for the Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation of America, he contributes regularly to education, fundraising, and lobbying efforts. His second book, Colitiscope, is a humorous and educational approach to the topic of living with chronic illness. Covering similar topics, he is also a regular columnist for

Having grown up in Duluth MN, Andy loves ships and boats. With a keen interest in architecture and industrial archaeology, he also enjoys touring man-made relics of today and yesteryear. He and his wife Heather, a high school physics & math teacher, enjoy nerdy science jokes, traveling, and just about anything that brings them near water.


  • Crohn’s & Colitis Corner,, 2011-present. A twice-weekly column for patient education and support.
  • Colitiscope: Living with Crohn’s Disease and Ulcerative Colitis, Pfeifer-Hamilton, 2009.  A humorous book for IBD patients and their families, friends & caretakers
  • A Million Visions of Peace, Pfeifer-Hamilton / Scholastic, 1994 / 2002. Published as a follow-up to the Old Turtle Peace Tour, which visited more than 150 communities across the United States, the peace messages printed in this colorful book were chosen from hundreds of thousands gathered during the tour.

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