About Us

The mission of the Center for Engineering Education is to prepare future and current P-12 educators to teach STEM education with engineering and increase their students' engineering literacy in an increasingly complex world. Contact Dr. Deb Besser at Deb.Besser@stthomas.edu to learn more.

Center of Engineering Education Caroline Little's work is highlightd here: https://news.stthomas.edu/french-teacher-caroline-littles-love-stem-inspired-continuing-education-st-thomas/ 



Squishy circuits

Learn more about Dr. AnnMarie Thomas'  Squishy Circuits 


The Center for Engineering Education and the Playful Learning Lab co-create innovation! 

Playful Learning Lab students teach hearing impared children engineering



Educator testimonials:

"The rigorous content of the courses had me utilizing all my skills as a life-long learner.  The professors were fantastic about making sure that I understood what I needed to and more importantly that the material fit my classroom.  This experience has increased my confidence in bringing engineering lessons into the classroom."

- Allison Knoph, Engineering Education Graduate Certificate graduate