The Future of Work:

Human Dignity in an Era of Globalization

and Autonomous Technology 

June 25, 2020 | Live Webinar
November 12 & 13, 2020 | Publication Workshop   


The topic of our conference has been thrust upon us not as future but as present! 

On June 25th Cardinal Peter Turkson, Jose Barroso of Goldman Sachs and Nobel Prizing winning economist Professor James Heckman gathered to disuss "A New Humanism in Church, Politics, and Science challgnged by globalization and disruptive technology". The webinar can be viewed here on Youtube. 

While web conferences can never replace the friendships and valuable conversations had when we gather, our goal is to continue moving forward in promoting our colleagues' work, research and exchange of ideas while protecting the health and safety of everyone involved.  Therefore we have canceled the full conference gathering.  Those presenting papers should have received an email regarding the publication seminar and selection process.  Please email us at with any further questions.


Our Focus

The world is changing, and human work is changing with it. We are in the midst of a "second globalization" where not only goods, services, and communications are global, but also the labor market. Technology continues to change the landscape and understanding of work today. Pope Francis reiterates that work is of fundamental importance: 

"Work is fundamental to the dignity of the person. Work, to use an image, 'anoints' with dignity, fills us with dignity, makes us similar to God who has worked and still works, who always acts."

- Pope Francis 

The way we shape business is crucial: business policies and practices can respect and promote human dignity, but they also can be detrimental, not only to the person that works but also to the ones that surround her. The present challenges go across all fields of applied business, governance, and management. Our WEBINAR will focus on the present challenges for the Christian vision of the human person and work. 


Thursday, June 25

Thursday & Friday, November 12 & 13

Cardinal Turkson, Jose Barroso of Goldman Sachs and Nobel Prize winning economist Professor James Heckman shift their in-person panel to a live video-conference.

View the discussion here on Youtube.

  Authors of select papers will gather for a 2-day on-line workshop to prepare papers for publication selection in the Journal for Business and Professional Ethics.