Students converse and eat during a Catholic Studies ice cream social and gathering Sept. 13, 2011, on the patio behind Sitzmann Hall.

Student and Alumni Stories

“I earned my MA in Catholic studies while I was a working adult, married and raising children. Working through the program was one of the most enriching experiences of my life, and it was made holy by the fact that my wife and children were a part of that experience.” – Mark

“I couldn't have chosen a better program to place my time in earning an advanced degree. It will continue to provide payback throughout my entire life – through the stages of my faith life, within my Catholic community and professionally.” Nadine

“Catholic Studies not only formed me as a student, but also shaped my worldview and gave me a lens through which to understand, view, and engage culture around me. Catholic Studies called me on to greater standards of thinking and living while showing me the beauty and joy of the Catholic tradition. I never could have anticipated the ways that Catholic Studies would have such a lasting impact in my life and would shape my career and family life so concretely.” Mary

“I am profoundly and deeply changed by the program both spiritually and intellectually. I would not be the husband, father and teacher I am without it.” – Kieran

“Transformed my life!” – Dianne



Program Overview, MA in Catholic studies