Mock Interviewing

A practice interview can help you identify where you may already be strong in interviewing, as well as helping detect areas where your presentation could be improved. These fifty minute sessions, with career counselors in the interviewer role, are recorded and then played back, as a counselor offers feedback.

Mock interviews are recorded on a computer. If you would like a copy of your interview please bring a USB stick at least 512MB in size. The recordings are approximately 20MB in size and are stored in the Windows video format (*.wmv). Due to their large size they cannot be emailed.

To schedule an appointment, please call (651) 962-6761.

To make the most of your interview, we suggest you:

  • Bring a résumé indicating your internship or job target.
  • Come dressed as if going to an actual job interview.
  • Consider interviewer questions that you're concerned about, or have found yourself struggling with in real interviews. Mention these to the career coach, so these questions can be worked into the mock interview and your responses critiqued during the video playback.
  • Come prepared with questions you have for an employer.
  • Read through the Interviewing Basics guide and visiting assorted links from the Career Development LibGuide should also help you get the most from your mock interview experience.

Keep Practicing

Practice on your own with a webcam.

Got a webcam on your computer, phone, or other device? Record and review your responses to various questions. Ask others for feedback and keep practicing. Once you have done a mock interview, and recorded yourself several times you will be ready for that important interview!

Interview Stream could be helpful in this. Click here to learn more!