Career Counseling

Career Development Center offers individual career consultations to students and alumni on the St. Paul campus.

Career Counseling Appointments

Students and alumni may schedule confidential appointments with a career counselor to discuss career related concerns. Below are some of the possible topics you may discuss:

All appointments are scheduled either over phone OR in-person by visiting our office and are limited to 50 minutes. To make an appointment call (651) 962-6761.

We are located in the Saint Paul campus.

Murray-Herrick Campus Center, Room 123

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Major ExplorationWe’re going to ask you a lot of questions because we want to get to know you better! Be ready to articulate what you’re interested in, and what you see as possible majors to explore. We may recommend assessments, and you’re guaranteed to leave the appointment with homework!

Resume and Cover Letter – If you’re making an appointment to go over a resume or cover letter, you should start one first! Attend a seminar or take a look at our Resume Packet. Even if you just have the very basics, it gives us something to work on. PRINT your resume prior to your appointment, and remember, we can only guide you and not write one for you!

Interviewing – If you’ve never interviewed before or really struggle with it, it is good to either make an appointment or attend an interviewing seminar to learn the basics. We’ll go over some common interview questions and talk about Behavioral Interviewing, and you’ll leave with homework to help you prepare for either a real interview, or a Mock Interview with one of us!

Mock Interview – If you would like to practice interviewing, it’s important to treat a mock interview as a REAL interview. Come dressed in interview attire, prepared with good stories to tell. If you aren’t sure what behavioral interviewing is, please either make a general interviewing appointment or attend a seminar FIRST!

Job and Internship Search – Come ready to talk about what you’ve been doing in your search so far, and bring a printed copy of your resume with you.




"Pop-In..." (No appointment necessary)

A pop-in is an opportunity to ask quick questions that a counselor may be able to answer in 10-15 minutes

Typical pop-in topics include resume help, cover letter suggestions, interviewing tips, and locating job and internship listings. Things like major exploration and career changes are not suitable topics for a pop-in.

Note : Pop-In availability varies day-to-day. Please call our office at 651-962-6761 for a schedule.