Student Research Policy

This document is intended to serve as a guideline for directing student research projects under the auspices of the CAM Summer Undergraduate Research Program (CAMSURP).

Once an approved projects list is in place, an advertisement will appear on the CAM Website, on the UST Jobs Website, and in the Bulletin. Faculty will select students for their projects and forward the student names to the CAM Administrative Assistant.

All students are responsible for making sure they understand the guidelines for working on a project. The guidelines required by CAM are listed here, and specific guidelines pertaining to the project should be discussed with the research advisor. A progress report is required from the student workers on the announced due date at the end of August. All students and the faculty advisors are required to understand the policies outlined here.

If a student does not submit a final report, he/she will not be eligible for future CAM funding. Students are also required to present their research during one of the weekly CAM research meetings that take place during the second half of the summer.


Student Research Guidelines:

  • Students will be paid by the hour and will be required to complete time sheets. Students will be required to log their hours both on the Excel file provided by the CAM Administrative Assistant and electronically on the University of St. Thomas Time Entry web site. The Excel document should clearly outline what the student accomplished during time spent working on the research project.
  • Wage levels will be set using the matrix provided by Human Resources.
  • The Excel document should be submitted to the faculty advisor by noon on Monday following the end of the pay period. The faculty advisor will approve the hours by forwarding them to the CAM Administrative Assistant, who will then reconcile the hours described on the Excel file with the hours reported on Time Entry. These hours must match. If there are any discrepancies, the CAM Administrative Assistant cannot approve the hours and will contact the student and faculty advisor.
  • Students cannot work more than 25 hours per week without permission from the CAM Director or Associate Director.