Can You Convolve? If You Can't, You Should Learn

Speaker: Patrick Van Fleet, UST

Date & Time:

Monday, October 1, 2012
7:00 AM - 8:00 AM


Owens Science Center (OWS 257)

Abstract: The discrete convolution operator is a tool that is utilized in the solution of many problems in applied mathematics. Actually, anyone reading this abstract has been convolving vectors since they were in grade school. I will explain how you have been doing this. We will also discuss three other applications - large scale multiplication, echo location in the presence of noise, and Kasner’s problem. This last application is easily stated as follows: Given N points in the plane, we can easily designate them as vertices of an N-gon and (almost as easily), compute the coordinates of the midpoints. But what if the N points ARE the midpoints? Can we figure out the vertices of the N-gon?

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