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General Business Management

Arm yourself with business knowledge that provides you with many options.

A student in O'Shaughnessy Frey library

This concentration consists of the core business courses that all students majoring in business at St. Thomas are required to take, regardless of their specialization. Choosing this route for your major therefore gives you an understanding of the fundamentals of business that can be applied to a broad range of business disciplines.

What You Study

General business management offers the greatest degree of flexibility in setting up a personalized program of study. Because the curriculum includes fewer required courses, you will have more opportunities to select electives: You can take them all in one department, giving you a strong secondary concentration or a minor, or you can form a mix of related electives to pursue varied interests.

You can also combine general business management with a major from another department outside the Opus College of Business to earn a double major, such as computer science, economics or a foreign language. There is also a plan of study for students interested in combining this degree with a B.S. in Mechanical or Electrical Engineering.

How We Support Your Learning

Students in general business management are assigned to a Management faculty member as their major adviser, and many students are active in the Management Club. Students in this major take advantage of the wide variety of internships in the Twin Cities area, finding positions with major corporations, small businesses, nonprofits and government organizations.

General Business Jobs

Inventory analyst
Product development coordinator
Management trainee
Administrative assistant
Sales representative

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