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BS in Real Estate

Explore business opportunities beyond selling houses.

Real estate has evolved from a self-taught practice to a highly specialized, sophisticated discipline involving everything from population demographics and shopping patterns to construction and materials costs and zoning and land use regulations.

What You Study

Our real estate curriculum provides you with a background in general business and real estate theory and practice. You will study the many factors involved in property assessment and sales, how they change and how these changes affect real estate and individuals. Study includes: property taxation, zoning, land-use planning, environmental protection, urban redevelopment and government-assisted home financing programs.

How We Support Your Learning

You will find a wide variety of internship opportunities in the Twin Cities, and you will enjoy socializing with other real estate majors as well as networking with Twin Cities real estate professionals through the Real Estate Society. Additionally, you will partner with a member of our practitioner-experienced faculty who will act as adviser and career coach.

Typical Real Estate Jobs

Recent graduates hold positions in the government, nonprofit, construction and private business sectors, including leadership positions as:

Real estate brokers
Investment managers
Property managers and appraisers
Construction managers
Land-use planners
Land developers
City planner
Project manager

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