Past Symposiums

2016 Symposium: Health, Our Common Good

The 2016 Aquinas Scholars symposium was held from April 20-22 and focused on the theme: Health, Our Common Good. The schedule included a student poster-session and faculty presentations, a massage night, and work in the Stewardship Garden

2015 Symposium: Dimensions of Cuisine

Scholar presentations explored fascinating topics about research and work done with black truffles, the food recovery movement, and the Brightside initiative on the St. Thomas campus. Delicious cultural foods were provided before the presentations.

2014 Symposium: Defining Inequality: Poverty on a Local and Global Scale

As honors students in higher education, we have a unique opportunity to make an impact. We hope the events from this symposium provided an opportunity to explore new perspectives on poverty and consider how social change can be enacted. Our first event was the Student Presentation Night and featured student experiences with poverty and the insight they gained from those experiences with subsequent discussion.

The second event was the formal Symposium with presentations by faculty members. Perspectives on poverty in this presentation included economics, catholic studies, and public health. After the faculty presentations, there was time for further discussion on the subject of poverty.

Thank you so much to all who came out and participated in this year's symposium. It truly was a wonderful week! Below you will find the link to the video from student presentation night. These five scholars worked so hard and gave incredible witness to the ways in which they have made a difference in their own communities and abroad, and are an inspiration to all of us. If you have time, please take the time to watch these presentations.

Note: Emily Kindelspire also presented at the Symposium. Unfortunately, Emily's presentation is missing from the recording.

2013 Symposium: The Stress-Free Student

As college students, we’re stressed out these days. As we approach the crunch time of the semester, come de-stress with us and hear about the latest research that will help you be a stress-free student.

2013 Aquinas Scholars Symposium