Dr. James Robinson receives Fulbright

March 27, 2018
Jim Robinson

SAINT PAUL, MINNESOTA—University of Saint Thomas instructor Jim Robinson will be teaching improvisation in Pakistan on a Fulbright Specialist Award this coming April.

Jim will be working primarily with Theatre Wallay, a community group in Islamabad dedicated to nurturing theater artists with works that cross social, ethnic, and religious divides.  His improvisation workshops will be tailored to meet the needs of actors, teachers, mental health workers, business people, and others.

Since moving to St. Paul from Los Angeles in 1992, Jim has had a dual career in teaching and theater. Jim has been an adjunct faculty member of the St. Thomas Psychology Department for 14 years; this past J-term Dr. Robinson created and taught a course for the Aquinas Scholars Program called Improvisation and Mental Health, a 2-credit class that looks at the healing component of theatrical improvisation, both from a client’s and a practitioner’s perspective.