Frequently Asked Questions

HSSP is an extremely competitive scholarship board and not all high quality applicants get selected to receive a scholarship.  Do not let that discourage you from participating in AFROTC!


Although we cannot answer this question with concrete dates, we can say that it is very likely there will be ICSP opportunities for you during your first or second years in the program.  The eligibility criteria and funding available for ICSP changes every year based on Air Force need so it is difficult to know exact dates and timelines that will be applicable to you.  The Cadre at Detachment 410 will work closely with you on scholarship eligibility and nomination once you are a cadet in the program.


If you are able to secure a scholarship, review the scholarship tab here to learn about the St. Thomas subsidy that provides financial assistance in addition to the scholarship funds you receive from the Air Force.

Detachment 410 personnel do not get involved in the on-campus housing process, it is a process entirely managed by St. Thomas Residence Life.  Freshmen students are initially assigned a dorm room by the university and if they have indicated they will be participating in AFROTC, they might be asked if they want to live with another freshmen cadet.  Many students choose to live with another freshmen cadet, the choice is entirely up to you and your preferences!  Students at St. Thomas will have the flexibility to choose their roommates from their sophomore year on and often the cadets do choose to live together.


Absolutely!  We have many cadets in our program who also participate in a collegiate sport.  When a cadet is in a collegiate sport they have the option to get a waiver signed by their coach to be excused from cadet physical training sessions.  This helps the cadet balance the mandatory components of AFROTC as well as their sports practices, games, and competitions.  If you would like to talk with an AFROTC cadet who also participates in a collegiate sport please contact us.  Once you are a cadet in the program, Detachment Cadre will provide guidance on the waiver process to excuse you from physical training during your sports season.