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Both inside and outside the classroom, the University of St. Thomas Physics Department provides undergraduate students with a broad understanding and appreciation of physics, cultivates problem-solving skills involving analytical, experimental and computational techniques, and teaches how to effectively communicate technical ideas.  We strive to instill values that enable individuals to responsibly engage the world in which they live.

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Marie Lopez del Puerto   author
Associate professor Marie Lopez del Puerto reflects on her role as a physics professor in the lives of her students.
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St. Thomas Newsroom   author
Sophomore Maria McQuillan was awarded a scholarship, and juniors Anna Grim and Ryan Slechta were given honorable mentions by the prestigious and competitive program.
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Kelly Engebretson '99 M.A.   author
This year sophomore Maria McQuillan and junior Nick Sinn have joined forces with Dr. Elizabeth Wehner, assistant professor in St. Thomas' Physics Department, to scrutinize images of far-away galaxies taken on a .9 meter telescope housed at Kitt Peak Observatory in Arizona.
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