Parking & Transportation Services

This office handles all parking questions, issues parking permits, takes requests for special event parking, sells Metro Transit bus passes, and processes UST parking tickets and appeals for both the St. Paul and Minneapolis campuses.

Finals Week and Summer Parking

Finals week and summer parking has begun. Parking permits are not required to park in the red or yellow parking lots and the gates are up on the Anderson Parking Facility and the Morrison Ramp. 

Overnight parking policies in the surface parking lots will remain the same--no overnight parking from 2:00 a.m. to 5:00 a.m. Overnight parking will be allowed in Lots A and V from 6:00 pm Friday through 10:00 pm Sunday. Overnight parking will be allowed throughout the summer in R2, R3 and APF lower level.

There is also no parking in restricted lots. This includes the Admission stalls in Lot G and Lot Q.

On May 18 and 19th, Lots A, B, part of G and O will be closed except for students while moving out of the residence halls. This parking is limited to 1 hour. Remember no trucks or trailers are permitted on campus.

Watch for information on Commencement Parking.