This office handles all parking questions, issues parking permits, takes requests for special event parking, sells Metro Transit bus passes, and processes UST parking tickets and appeals for both the St. Paul and Minneapolis campuses.  

LaSalle Ave. Reconstruction and Paving Project to begin April 20

Beginning April 20, 2015 the City of Minneapolis will begin a two phase project that will include the reconstruction and paving of LaSalle. Ave. between 8th St. and 12th St. The project is scheduled to be fully completed in the spring of 2016. 

The first phase is set to begin on April 20, and last through June, and will include the reconstruction and paving of LaSalle Ave. between 8th St. and 11th St. This work will include removing the current concrete and asphalt structure of LaSalle Ave. along with curb, sewer and gutter replacement from 8th St. to 11th St. During this time traffic will be limited to “local traffic” only and will include lane closures on the east and west sides of LaSalle Ave. between 8th St. and 11th St., and some lane restrictions at the intersections of 8th St, 9th, 10th and 11th St. as the project progresses. 

Phase 2 from 11th St. to 12th St. will begin sometime in June, and last through August. Just like in phase 1 the City of Minneapolis will reconstruct and pave LaSalle Ave. from 11th St. to 12th St. Traffic will be limited to local traffic only as in phase 1, and will include lane closures on the east and west side of LaSalle Ave. along with lane restrictions at the intersections of 11th and 12th St. as the project progresses. Again, this work is scheduled to be completed sometime in August, 2015.

This project will have some impacts on the University of St. Thomas, but should not affect any of the daily activities scheduled to occur during this time. Those commuting to and from the university may see increased traffic, and congestion on 10th St. and 11th St. during this time, and should plan accordingly. This project may also affect the shuttle bus service between the university in St. Paul and Minneapolis, and plans are being proposed to potentially move our shuttle bus stop for the Minneapolis campus at certain times throughout the project from its current location on Harmon Pl. between 10th St. and 11th St., to an alternative location on 11th St. between LaSalle Ave. and Harmon Pl. in front of the Schulze Hall School of Entrepreneurship. University patrons will be kept abreast of changes to the shuttle bus service on the Minneapolis campus.

To follow the project, or to sign up for regular updates please visit:

Minneapolis Campus Full-time Day Students: Terminate your current parking contract by Monday, June 1.

Parking contracts for the 2014-2015 academic year purchased by Minneapolis, full-time day students must be terminated with Parking Services on the Minneapolis campus on or before Monday, June 1.

Parking Services for the Minneapolis campus is located in the Minneapolis School of Law (MSL), room 252.

At the time of termination, students who parked in the ramp at 11th St. & Harmon Pl. must return their parking contract card for that location.

Parking at this location will be validated on the date of termination.

Failure to return the contract card for the ramp will result in the loss of the $30 deposit paid on the card at the time of purchase, as well the opportunity for first priority parking in the ramp for 2015-2016. For graduating students failure to terminate your parking contract by the June 2 deadline may result in delays in receiving your official transcripts from the University.

For those students who park in the University of St. Thomas parking lot located on LaSalle Ave. between 11th St. & 12th St., access to parking at that location will officially expire as of Monday, June 1.

Students who successfully terminate their 2014-2015 parking option with Parking Services will have the opportunity to pre-register for their 2015-2016 parking option by indicating at the time of termination that they will be returning for 2015-2016, and wish to have parking available to them. This includes the ability to select the same parking option they currently have.

Students with questions or concerns should stop by Parking Services on the Minneapolis campus located in the Minneapolis School of Law, room 252, Monday – Friday between 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. or by calling (651) 962-4100.

Short-term Resident and Non-Resident Overnight Permits Available

Parking Services is now offering short-term resident permits, valid in the lower level of the Anderson Parking Facility, and short-term non-resident overnight permits, valid in APF or the ground level garage beneath Flynn Hall, from Spring Break until the end of the semester, for $100. If you are interested, register through Murphy On-line for the APF Short-term Resident Permit and then go to the Parking Services office at the corner of Grand Ave. and Finn St. to pick it up. 










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