Josh Hengemuhle

Assistant Dean for Orientation and Retention (Dean of Students)

Anderson Student Center, 241

Freesia Towle

Graduate Assistant (Dean of Students)

Anderson Student Center, 253

Jamison Reichert

Graduate Assistant (Dean of Students)

Anderson Student Center, 253

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Mohamud Mohamed

Office Assistant

Vito Sauro

First-Year Commuter Advisor (FYCA)

Year: Senior
Hometown: St. Paul, MN
Major: Psychology & Family Studies
Commutes from: Cathedral Hill

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Interesting fact: "I love board games!"

"My goal as an FYCA is to be excellent. I want to connect with others and help bring meaning."

Amanda Tran

First Year Commuter Advisor (FYCA)

Year: Junior
Hometown: Shakopee, MN

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Interesting fact: "I am a first-generation student."

"As an FYCA, my goal is to leave a lasting impact on commuters I work with and the OCSS office before I graduate."

ShaShee Yang

First Year Commuter Advisor (FYCA)

Year: Sophomore
Major: Biochemistry
Commutes from: Inver Grove Heights

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Interesting Fact: "I play the Alto Saxophone."

"I will try my best to make new commuter students feel welcomed to the UST community, aid commuter students as a mentor and friend, and to learn more about being a good leader as a FYCA."

Maria Silva Olvera

First Year Commuter Advisor (FYCA)

Year: Junior
Hometown: Eagan, MN
Major: Communication and Journalism
Minor: Renaissance Program
Commutes from: Eagan, MN

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Interesting fact: "I practice Capoeira."

"My goal as a FYCA is to help students connect to people, clubs, and resources and provide an inclusive environment on campus."

Rose Zustiak

First-Year Commuter Advisor (FYCA)

Year: Junior
Hometown: Maplewood, MN
Commutes from: Maplewood, MN

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Interesting Fact: "I have over 100 pairs of shoes, I have a shoe problem!"

"My goal is to help commuting students transition well into their collegiate careers and truly feel involved in the St. Thomas community."

Mallory Patrow

Neighborhood Student Advisor

Year:  Junior

Hometown:  Wabasha, MN

Majors:  Political Science and Communications/Journalism

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Interesting Fact:  When I was driving to Prague with my friend, we ran out of gas somewhere in the Czech countryside!

"I became an NSA because I was nervous to move off campus myself and so I figured other people might be feeling that way too so I wanted to be a reassurance to those people who were worried about missing out on stuff on campus and making sure that they feel like part of the OCSS family."

Maura Shea

Neighborhood Student Advisor (NSA)

Year: Junior
Hometown: Madison, WI
Major: Secondary Education emphasis in Comm. Arts and Lit.

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 Interesting Fact: I have Irish danced on the Martha Stewart show.

"I became an NSA to stay part of all the exciting things that happen on campus and connect with other off campus students."


Thao Do

Neighborhood Student Advisor

Year:  Junior - 2017
Hometown:  Bloomington, Minnesota
Major: Neuroscience

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Interesting Fact: I don’t know how to swim J

"I became a NSA to become more involved in helping other students’ lives to succeed throughout their years at St. Thomas, as well as to build a community among the neighborhood students."

Yaia Yang

Neighborhood Student Advisor (NSA)

Year: senior
Hometown: Brooklyn Park, MN
Major: Mechanical Engineering




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Interesting Fact: I own about 56 different stuffed animals. 

Quote as to why you became a NSA: I love making programs for people, so I wanted to challenge myself by learning how to design an event for students who live off-campus. 

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