Josh Hengemuhle, Ed.D.

Assistant Dean of Students

Anderson Student Center, 241

Jamison Reichert

Graduate Assistant (Dean of Students)

Anderson Student Center, 253

Laura Fruth

Office Manager

Class: Senior
Major: Operations and Supply Chain Management
Commuting from: White Bear Lake, MN

Kelsey DiBias

Neighborhood Student Advisor (NSA)

Commuting from: The surrounding neighborhood in a rental house.
Class: Sophomore
Favorite food: Spaghetti and meatballs
Fun fact: I love the winter time!

Thao Do

Neighborhood Student Advisor (NSA)

Year:  Senior
Hometown:  Bloomington, Minnesota
Major: Neuroscience
Interesting Fact: I don’t know how to swim!
Quote as to why you became a NSA: I became a NSA to become more involved in helping other students’ lives to succeed throughout their years at St. Thomas, as well as to build a community among the neighborhood students.



Bontu Gemeda

Neighborhood Student Advisor (NSA)

Residence: JP 2 on campus
Favorite food: cream cheese wontons
Fun fact: I can cook basically anything
Class standing: sophomore

Ser Vang

Commuter Mentor (CM)

Year: Sophomore
Major: Business Finance
Favorite food: Pho
Fun Fact: The dimple that I have on my face isn’t natural. It is there because when I was little, I ran into a sharp metal wire of my backyard gate and got hurt, leaving a huge scar to what looks like now a dimple on my face.

Brenda Alquicira

Commuter Mentor (CM)

Commuting from: Living at home in east St. Paul
Class: Sophomore
Favorite food: Loves Pasta
Fun Fact: I watched the entire first season of stranger things in one sitting.

Jasmine Rodriguez

Commuter Mentor (CM)

Year: Senior
Major: Human Resources Management
Commuting from: Cottage Grove, MN
Favorite Food: Tacos de Carne Asada (Grilled Beef)
Fun Fact: I love to sing and although (and sadly) I am not in choir this year, since middle school I have always been and sang First Soprano.

Maria Silva

Commuter Mentor (CM)

Year: Senior
Major: Communication and Journalism
Minor: Renaissance Program
Commutes from: Eagan, MN
Favorite food: Bread and fresh fruit- I love mangos! I really enjoy my dad's homemade green salsa and enchiladas verdes (green enchiladas).
A fun fact: I love trying new things. Over the past year I have explored arts of movement such as martial arts, acrobatics, gymnastics, yoga, and dancing.

Michelle Hirani

Commuter Mentor (CM)

Year: Sophomore
Major: Accounting
Commuting from Apple Valley
Favorite food: Nihari (Indian Dish-Curry)
Fun Fact: I am a big fan of the Dallas Cowboys!


Wako Wako

Commuter Mentor (CM)

Year: Sophomore
Where I'm living: Commuting from Minneapolis
Fav Food: Alfredo Pasta w/ Chicken
Fun Fact: I'm the biggest Kobe Bryant Fan!!!