Off-Campus Housing Listings

The University of St. Thomas does not inspect, verify or endorse any rental listings that appear on this list. The appearance of a rental unit does not indicate any endorsement of either the owner or the property by the university. We do not screen or endorse roommates. We urge caution and ask that you fully research a property and landlord/owner before committing to a lease. We do not accept responsibility for landlord/tenant disputes, and recommend that you use free legal advice and city options for managing conflicts.

The UST housing and roommate list is updated each weekday that new information is received. Please contact us at (651) 962-6138 or with any comments, questions or concerns. To post a housing or roommate listing or to view available listings start here.

Note to Renters/Tenants:

Become familiar with your rights and responsibilities. Read "Renter Resources" and know the ordinances in the area you are renting. As an example, one of the least known or understood ordinances relates to over-occupancy. In the City of St. Paul, no more than four unrelated persons may live in a single family dwelling - even if it has more than four bedrooms (unless it is classified as a rooming house.) Visit the city's website to find a listing of all St. Paul city ordinances. And check out our In the Neighborhood Brochure ( page 1, page 2).

You can call the St. Paul Citizen Service Office at (651) 266-8989 to determine whether any complaints have been filed against the property you are seeking to rent. You can also look up the property online (click on "Property info and Permits by Address").

Note to Landlords/Property Owners:

Become familiar with your rights and responsibilities. The St. Paul Association of Responsible Landlords (SPARL) is a great way to familiarize yourself with city ordinances and codes. You can contact SPARL at (651) 647-6810. Another way to become informed of ordinances and codes is to check the City of St. Paul site.