St. Thomas is not only an outstanding law school, it is an outstanding place to be a law student. 

As a student at St. Thomas law school, you have the opportunity to study and work with some of the nation's leading legal scholars, form relationships that will set you up to achieve professional success, and impact the community through clinical practice, all before you receive your diploma. We do this through the instruction of an exceptional faculty of professors who are ranked #8 nationwide, meaningful and relevant connections formed in the #1 externship program in the nation, and a challenging and respectful atmosphere that put St. Thomas School of Law at #5 on Princeton Review’s list of the best law schools for quality of life.

We draw passionate students from around the world with a wide range of experiences, voices and beliefs who want to improve the world in which they live. Although debate is common and often intense, our students understand their role in maintaining the quality of life that initially drew them to St. Thomas School of Law. With more than three dozen active student organizations at the School of Law, our students have ample opportunity to put their commitment to service, leadership and social justice to work. Many organizations sponsor speaker programs, while others coordinate community service opportunities. Still others provide for personal growth and introspection, or a chance to have fun with friends. The list of groups varies from year to year along with student interests.

Here, you are taught not just to become a lawyer, but how to build relationships through service to your clients, the community, and those who are most in need of legal assistance.