The Jay Phillips Center for Interfaith Learning is a collaborative enterprise of the University of St. Thomas and Saint John’s University (MN), and it also serves the College of Saint Benedict (MN), which shares a common curriculum with Saint John's. Its mission is to promote interfaith learning, friendship, and service among people of various religions.


Jay Phillips Center Special Consultant Rabbi Amy Eilberg Publishes Book on Jewish Wisdom and Peace


In From Enemy to Friend: Jewish Wisdom and the Pursuit of Peace (Orbis, 2014), Rabbi Amy Eilberg offers a practical guide to fulfillment of the Jewish religious commandment to “pursue peace” at all levels of life. What was your most important goal in writing your book? "My highest goal is to persuade people to think deeply about the commandment to seek and pursue peace, apply it to their own lives, and act boldly to serve the cause of peace, each in our own way."

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