Undergraduate Students

The state of Minnesota requires that all undergraduate students born after 01/01/1957 be immunized against diphtheria and tetanus (TD), and measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) and provide their vaccination dates.

If you have had measles, mumps, or rubella, the law requires that you either have a blood titre (blood test) done to prove immunity (please send a copy of the laboratory work) or a physician's signed document attesting to the disease, and also the month and year in which you had the disease.

There is no titre that is acceptable as proof of immunity to diphtheria-tetanus.

Undergraduate students are to enter the following information:

  • The 2 dates of your measles, mumps, rubella (MMR) vaccination

  • The date of the tetanus-diphtheria (TD) vaccine (must be within the past ten years)

Note: All new undergraduate students must enter their MMR and TD dates by the 45th day of class. Registered students can click here to enter their immunization records into myHealthPortal.

Immunization History Instructions

If you have a medical condition that precludes the administration of the necessary vaccinations, please have a physician sign a medical waiver explaining the condition and why the immunizations should not be done.

If you have a philosophical objection to the immunizations, please write the objection and have your signature notarized by a notary public. Please be aware that if an outbreak of measles, mumps or rubella does occur, persons requesting a medical waiver or philosophical objection will not be allowed to attend classes until the outbreak is over.

The following immunizations are also recommended for students but not required. They can also be entered into Murphy Online.

  • Hepatitis A

  • Hepatitis B

  • Influenza Vaccine

  • Meningitis

  • Polio Vaccine

  • Varicella

Graduate and Professional Students
Graduate and professional program students are encouraged to provide their immunization information to assist in clinical care and/or travel health, but it is not a requirement.  Registered students can click here to enter their immunization records into myHealthPortal.