Graduate English Program

 Image of two grad students in OSF Library

The Master of Arts in English Program is a small ten-course program that affords students the opportunity to develop their analytical, writing and editing skills; to deepen their knowledge of English and American literature; to broaden their perspectives through multicultural courses; and to enhance their understanding of the essential role language has in thought, values, and self-development. 

When Joel Seligman, president of the University of Rochester addressed alumni of his university, he wrote, “Our students will be better prepared for careers in any field and more thoughtful as citizens if they, for example, have had the chance…to see the intricacy of human experience as only the arts and literature can illuminate” (Rochester Review, Summer 2006).  To the achievement of these ends, the Master’s Program in English immerses students in rewarding scholarly conversations about books conducted within a diverse learning community; special emphasis is placed on development of critical writing skills, with faculty offering individualized attention. 

Some students come to the program straight from their undergraduate work, while others have been out of school for several years; some are language arts professionals, while others work in areas well outside the field of English studies.  Several students have used the M.A. as preparation for the Ph.D., while the greater number bring their learning to careers in teaching, publishing, law, and business. All of our students pursue advanced coursework to re-experience the stimulation of reading, discussing, and writing about literature in a challenging and supportive environment.