Why Choose English?

The University of St. Thomas Department of English offers three different major emphases and a minor at the undergraduate level as well as graduate classes that fulfill requirements for its Master of Arts in English program.

The undergraduate major in English offers a variety of courses that help prepare students for further work and careers in marketing, law, publishing, and education, to name just a few paths our majors have pursued after graduation. If you are passionate about language and literature, our undergraduate major can help you pursue that passion and learn how to apply it.

What can you do with a Master of Arts in English degree? Our graduates have answered that question in several different ways—some teaching at the college or high school levels and overseas, others pursuing careers in publishing and editing. Some have gone farther afield, bringing their advanced critical reading and writing skills to human resources, law, technical writing, freelancing. Whatever your life and career direction, the graduate degree in English at the University of St. Thomas is versatile and flexible and can be tailored to help you meet your goals.