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Tony Borgerding

Professor and Chair
B.S. University of Minnesota-Duluth
Ph.D. Indiana University
Postdoctoral Fellowship - Los Alamos National Laboratory
OWS 452
(651) 962-5592
Toll Free
(800) 328-6819, Ext. 2-5592
OSS 402

Professional Interests

Analytical Chemistry. Instrumental Development, Environmental and Biomedical Applications in the Areas of High Speed Chromatographic Measurements, Rapid Extractions, Mass Spectrometry, and other Selective Detectors.

Spring 2015 Courses

Spring 2015 Courses
Course - Section Title Days Time Location
CHEM 300 - 01 Quantitative Analysis M - W - F - - 0935 - 1040 OSS 127
CRN: 20427 4 Credit Hours Instructor: Anthony J. Borgerding An introduction to quantitative chemical analysis. Topics include sample treatment, the statistical handling of data, equilibria governing acid/base chemistry and complex formation, and fundamentals underlying measurements using the following techniques: titrimetry (using acid/base, complexation and redox reactions), spectrophotometry (atomic absorption and emission spectroscopy and molecular absorption spectroscopy), and analytical separations (GC, HPLC, and capillary electrophoresis). Lecture plus four laboratory hours per week. Offered fall and spring semesters. Prerequisite: A minimum grade of C- in CHEM 112 or 115

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Summer 2015 Courses

Summer 2015 Courses
Course - Section Title Days Time Location

Fall 2015 Courses

Fall 2015 Courses
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