Seminar Information

Honors seminars are offered during the fall and spring semesters.  Seminars may be offered during J-term and summer sessions if faculty are available and there is student interest.

Seminars are listed in the schedule of classes as IDSC 480.  Each seminar topic has a different section number.  The word "honors" is the first word in the title of all honors seminars.

Scholars register for most seminars the same as they would for any other course.  Experimental seminars are taught by one faculty member, are limited to 8 students, and students enrolled in the seminar must come from various majors.  Registration for experimental seminars is a manual process and students must receive approval from the instructor.

Please select the semester you are interested on the right side of the screen.

Click here to see the typefaces created by students in the Summer 2017 History and Practice of Font Design seminar!

AQU Seminar Font

Check out the video results of the Fall 2015 Sonic Scripts seminar!