University of St. Thomas (UST) Subsidy Program

UST Subsidy Program is one of the best in the nation!  What makes it so unique is that UST subsidizes both the College Scholarship Program (CSP--high school senior applicants/recipients) and the In College Scholarship Program (ICSP--college application/recipients) recipients who attend UST.  Take a look at what it provides and what the student pays under the CSP and ICSP program:

University of St. Thomas (UST) Subsidy for College Scholarship Program (CSP) for High School Seniors

4 - Year Type 1

    • AFROTC Pays: Click Here
    • UST Pays:  Room and board
    • Student Pays:  $0 

4 - Year Type 2

    • AFROTC Pays:  Click Here 
    • UST Pays:  Room and board and remainder of tuition
    • Student Pays:  $0

3 - Year Type 2 (converted from a 4 - Year Type 7)

    • AFROTC Pays:  Click Here
    • UST Pays:  Full tuition (first year only), room and board (last three years), remainder of tuition (last 3 years)
    • Student Pays: Room and board (first year only)

University of St. Thomas (UST) Subsidy for In College Scholarship Program (ICSP)

If you receive an ICSP AFROTC Scholarship, UST will pay the remainder of your tuition as well as your room and board unitl you complete your degree.