Wi-Fi for Guests

Wireless network access is available throughout campus for visitors and courtesy guest account holders to use. 

Getting Started

To access the wireless network as a Guest simply select "UST-Open" from your list of available networks. You will then be prompted to read and accept the User License Agreement and click on "Connect". 

  • Your access will be valid for 24 hours
  • Guests will not have access to University-specific resources, but will have full access to the Internet.
  • Please be aware that traffic on the Guest network is not encrypted.

Looking for eduroam? If your home institution participates in eduroam, you are able to access a secure wireless connection by logging into the eduroam network with your institution's credentials. 

Trouble connecting?

Our troubleshooting tips below will help ensure you have a successful connection during your time on campus.

  • Rebooting your device after connecting to either network allows the system to properly profile your device.

  • It may be necessary to "Forget" the network connection and re-authenticate on the either wireless network when using mobile devices.

If all the above options don't provide successful results, please bring your device to one of our walk-up desks for assistance.